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Part-time Driver Job with DoorDash

Work at your own pace,
Fix your own schedule,
Earn good money utilizing your spare time;
this is what you can get if you partner with DoorDash!
DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service with a vast customer base in most of the cities in the US.

Customers place an order for food through the DoorDash App, from a particular restaurant, and DoorDash gets it delivered straight to their doorsteps with the help of delivery driver-partners.

What Are The Requirements To Become A DoorDash Driver?

  • You should be 18+: To become a ‘Dasher’, you should be at least 18 years old. Also, you need to possess an insurance policy on your name.
  • Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license is a must. The Minimum one-year driving experience is required in general, but if you are below 21, you need to have 3 years’ experience. There should not be any major traffic violations or DUIs in your name.
  • Should possess a Vehicle: To work with DoorDash you need to own a vehicle. The plus point is, with DoorDash the vehicle specifications are minimal; it can be of any make and model, no physical checks are done. You can use motorcycles, scooters or in some places even bicycles.
  • Background Check: DoorDash will also conduct a background check before it allows you to partner with them.
  • Should have a Mobile Phone: Besides the vehicle, you will need an iPhone or an Android smartphone that is capable of running the DoorDash App.
  • Education: None required (No qualifications required)
  • Experience: None required (No experience required)
  • Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation
  • Safe driving, Should be able to drive

DoorDash Orientation Session

Once your application is approved, you need to take up the orientation class of DoorDash. It is a short program that provides you with all information related to the Company, its App and its Policy.

This session will help you in understanding your role and responsibility as a Dasher. The varied features of the App will be explained and you will come to know how to schedule your shifts, how to collect payments from customers and also how and when you receive your payment.

Once you are through with this session you will receive your red card, tee shirts, insulated box, etc. And you are ready to dash with this activation kit.

What Are The Benefits Of Partnering With DoorDash?

It will be an advantageous partnership because of the following reasons:

  • You can manage your time well by scheduling a delivery shift according to your priorities.
  • Enjoy flexible hours of delivery as your schedule will begin only when you sign into the DoorDash App.
  • Vehicle requirements are minimal, therefore, no need to spend a lot on its upkeep. Anything that is capable of running on the road shall do.
  • Your free time will convert into quite a good amount of money, the more deliveries you make, the more you earn.
  • DoorDash has a fixed minimum amount that you shall get for each delivery.
  • DoorDash has a fixed minimum amount that you shall get for each delivery.
  • DoorDash also has features like ‘busy pay’ bonus offers to incentivize its driver-partners.

You can earn $10-15 per hour on an average, which turns out to be a fairly good amount of money in a week.

Flexible hours gives you the advantage to prioritize your other works.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, sign-up immediately and start making good money!

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