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DoorDash Part-time Driver Jobs Available

Are you facing the challenge of earning extra money? Looking for a part-time job that will supplement your income? Is your full-time job is not enough to make ends meet?

There are many people who are grappled with such questions; your answer to such questions is to sign-up and register yourself as a DoorDash delivery driver. By doing so you become a Dasher and you can start making money by dashing around. A cool concept of food delivery services in your spare time!

DoorDash food delivery app enjoys a vast customer base and covers almost all of the United States. Therefore, ensuring orders in bulk.

How To Become A DoorDash Delivery & Driver Partner?

To qualify as a DoorDash delivery driver you need to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements:

  • You should be 18 years or above;
  • You should possess a vehicle: car, truck, van or in some places even a scooter or bicycle will do;
  • You should possess a valid driving license;
  • You should hold an insurance policy in your name;
  • You should own an iPhone or Android phone;
  • You will have to pass background checks; (provide your social security number for this)
  • Your driving record shall also be examined.
  • Education: None required (No qualifications required)
  • Experience: None required (No experience required)
  • Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation
  • Safe driving, Should be able to drive

What Are The Vehicle Requirements For This Position?

Having a very easy policy, DoorDash’s vehicle policy mandates very minimal requirements:

  • Any model or make will do;
  • If your vehicle is in running order, you can sign-up;
  • There will be no physical inspection of your vehicle;
  • No need to spend money on the cosmetic improvement of your vehicle;
  • In some cities even scooters, bicycles also qualify.

The DoorDash orientation: A compulsory compliance!

Once your background check and driving records are cleared, you need to take up DoorDash Orientation program that educates you about the job that you are going to begin.

It is a compilation of short videos that can be taken up online or in-person. This Orientation will cast light on:

  • Scheduling of a delivery shift;
  • Using the App to fulfill delivery requests;
  • Learning about mode and methods of payment;
  • Knowing about the payment system;
  • Seeking support through the app.

What Responsibilities Does A DoorDash Delivery & Driver Partner Have?

Your duty shall be to fulfill on-demand food delivery requests efficiently; the first step will be to collect the order from the concerned restaurant and secondly, deliver it to the customer. Time management and polite behavior will be of great importance as that will ensure your rating and also the proportion of tips.

How this Partnership will be Advantageous for You?

There are manifold benefits of you partnering with DoorDash:

  • You will enjoy the freedom to schedule your own working hours.
  • Flexible hours gives you the advantage to prioritize your other works.
  • Good customer flow is guaranteed, as DoorDash is quite well established.
  • Weekly payments will ensure regular money inflow.
  • All the tips that are earned by you, will be 100% yours.
  • Apart from these, you may also be entitled to DoorDash bonus.
  • The Average earning is quite rewarding.
  • 24/7 support from DoorDash.

Don’t consider this opportunity for long, if you fulfill all the requirements and are in need to earn extra money, sign up immediately and start earning.

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