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Driver Jobs in DoorDash

There can be many reasons for you to increase your earning from what it presently is. Whatever be the cause behind it, it is not easy to supplement your income in today’s complex economic scenario.

DoorDash breaks this myth and gives you a wonderful opportunity to partner with them as a food delivery driver and earn great money.

This Is How DoorDash Works!

Food delivery app, DoorDash, is a platform which brings together, customers, restaurants and delivery drivers, to deliver food anywhere and well, almost everywhere, in the US.

Customers order food of their preference through the DoorDash App and the DoorDash drivers collect it from the specified restaurant and deliver it to the customer.

Why Work As Delivery & Driver Partner With DoorDash?

The principal reasons for you to join hands with DoorDash is:

  • It is the fastest-growing on-demand food delivery service.
  • Its vast customer base ensures good business throughout the year.
  • The process of sign-up is fairly simple.
  • The vehicle requirement is easy and has no rigidity attached to it.
  • It gives the freedom to schedule shifts of delivery according to your convenience.
  • The income is good and paid regularly every week.
  • All tips will be yours. DoorDash does not take any share in it.
  • Apart from payment, there are many incentives given by DoorDash.

What is Required To Be A DoorDash Driver Partner?

To be eligible to partner with DoorDash, you should fulfill the given requirements:

Basic Requirements:

  • You should be 18 years old or above;
  • You should possess a vehicle: car, truck, van or in some places even a scooter or bicycle will do;
  • You should possess a valid driving license;
  • You should hold an insurance policy in your name;
  • You should own an iPhone or Android phone;
  • You have to pass background checks; (provide your social security number for this)
  • Your driving record should be clean.
  • Education: None required (No qualifications required)
  • Experience: None required (No experience required)
  • Have consistent access to and be able to effectively use a recent smartphone (iPhone 5 / Android 4.4 or newer)
  • Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation
  • Safe driving, Should be able to drive

DoorDash Orientation Program

Once all clearances and formalities are in place, you need to take up the DoorDash orientation, in person or online. This is designed in a way of short videos that will help to provide clarity on all aspects of the Company.

It specifically helps you to learn:

  • Scheduling of a delivery shift;
  • Using the app to fulfill delivery requests;
  • Learning about mode and methods of payment;
  • Knowing about the payment system;
  • Seeking support through the app.

Your Responsibility As Partner Driver

Your main responsibility will be:

  • to fulfill on-demand food delivery requests efficiently;
  • to collect the order from the concerned restaurant;
  • to deliver it to the customer;
  • to be polite and pleasant with the customers.

Benefits Of Being A DoorDash Partner

You will remain your own boss as you will schedule the delivery shifts according to your convenience. Good earning is guaranteed as DoorDash has a vast customer base. Weekly earnings will guarantee that there is a smooth flow of income. Tips and bonuses will be extra income and will be a great incentive to provide more dedicated service.

Flexible hours gives you the advantage to prioritize your other works.

If you have any spare time then sign-up with DoorDash to start earning a good income!

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